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Connect Groups

Our Spring Group Season will be Launching Feb 4th! All groups will be live by noon on Jan 26th. We believe Life is Better Together! There is just something incredible about doing things together with friends. Whether it’s basketball, coffee, or reading scripture; it’s just great being around friends. We believe it’s God’s design for us to have healthy relationships. Connect Groups are where we encourage you to step out of a row and into a circle. We have found that Life Is Better Together. Also, it’s tough to grow spiritually without connecting relationally. What is a Connect Group? Connect Groups are a key aspect of our church community. Most meet weekly in the home of a group member (usually the leader's home). We try to keep them limited to about 12 people. If you can't find an open group, please let us know! Connect Groups have 3 seasons; Spring, Summer, and Fall. The Connect Groups season last 8-12 weeks. We want to encourage each of you to join one! We know you will discover that Life really is Better Together.